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Favorite Series

The Flash
I hate to say it but as of episode 4 i've finally gave up on The Flash and Arrow. Both shows have become so repetative and predictable and the target audience seems to have been lowered to 12-16 for their new series. It's focusing more on poor childish comedy than the old school dark action I used to love. Daredevil, Jessica Jones and The Punisher have set the bar too high
American Gods
them rare and well written, cant wait until the next episode kind of shows
American Gods
This show is incredible, I'm really impressed with the shows that are coming out of STARZ. If you love Ash vs the Evil Dead then this is a must see. This isn't a guilty pleasure kind of show this is one of
The Flash Season 3 Episode 17
Don't give up the day job Barry
Arrow Season 5 Episode 16
I lost brain cells when felicity said ''hactivist''
The Flash Season 3 Episode 13
This episode made me want to puke. I can only imagine after they filmed it they all said to each other "well i'm glad that embarassment is over"
Taboo (2017)
Am I the only person who can't understand a word that Tom Hardy's saying? Other than that, good show
Ash vs Evil Dead
I just gets better.....and better.....and better. Best actors, best special effects.....i fucking love this shit.
Wayward Pines
Don't think this needed a season 2. Episode 1 was pretty bad, i'm happy calling it quits
Slow starting show but with promise. Kyle Barnes is an interesting character but hard to gel with, not sure whether that is the actor or the socially awkward character he's playing. Picks up alot by episode 4 though with a clear direction for the show, I will be tuning in each week. Better than 'The Strain' and fills the void that the cancelation of 'Contantine' left. Worth the watch now all other good series are on a break