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Number 1 Angel :3

Favorite Series
2 Broke Girls
Here's the reason why you should totally watch this show: Max the black-ish brunette gurl's GORGEOUS BOOBS that you're never gonna get in your life. XD xxx
2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 9
"I didn't know she could take bitch to the next level" omg hahhahaha
Faking It
This show will be in my heart forever <3 Full of wonderfulness and gayness XDD If you like teen shows or girly shows (or gay shows or whateverrrr), you ABSOLUTELY have to watch this!! Made me (still makes me) laugh a lot and forget about my problems and stuff when I was feeling down or something like that, so watch this if you're feeling down, lonely, hopeless, worthless, bad, upset, pissed and so goes on X) I'm sure you'll feel better and, oh! #TeamKarmy forever <3 ;) (p.s.: I'll never be over
Awkward. Season 2 Episode 5
Fwcking episode remembering me that June 12th is Valentine's Day (aka the worst holiday)....... FML
2 Broke Girls Season 3 Episode 7
The prostitute plays piano better than me.... :O What a whore
Awkward. Season 1 Episode 6
Now I'm kinda bad for Sadie and I kinda feel the same of what she feels X(